Practice your Compass skills daily!

Map and Compass Links
for Troop 91

Use these links to practice your skills, to plan your Patrol's hike or backpacking trip, or to stump your friends!
Note to Patrol Leaders: Check with Mr. Hilbish for topological maps before you buy one. The troop has a number of them for the area.

Best Map and Compass Sources

How to use a compass A tutorial on using your compass that can be printed out on your computer. When you are going to use this tutorial, it is essential that you have a compass in your hand. If you are teaching a class of kids, they should each have a compass, or at least have compasses with them.
Map & Compass (Orienteering)Merit Badge Scout Orienteering Page that has lessons for teaching the Orienteering Meritbadge (and Map skills). A list of Topo Map Symbols is included.
Silva Compass 1-2-3 System How to use the compass on a map to get your bearing (direction of travel).
Meeting Room Game for Map Skills Introduction
Orienteering Skills for the Young How to use an Orienteering course and basic information for teaching Orienteering skills to Young Scouts and other youth.
Topozone     #1 site for free topo maps. Custom Topological maps that you center and print out. Best used with a high speed connection if you are going to do lots of fine tuning.
MapQuest Online map maker for street maps and travel maps. Also very useful for making a hiking route on local roads or streets.

Buying Maps

Off-Route Custom Maps    This is very cool. Found it while cruising Backpacker Magazine. You can buy topo maps on waterproof/tearproof paper (Tyvek?), but you can get them customized to the area that you want. So you are not stuck carrying 4 maps if you are overlapping 4 quads. You can center it over the junction and get one map. Awesome.
Very cool service and they cost about the same as other quad maps ($7.95)

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